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Custom solar panels for shipbuilders & yacht designers

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What solar can offer

Endless Energy

Experience autonomy straight from the sun

Fuel independency

Forget about noise and save fuel with every second of sunlight

Eco chartering

Attract guests with an unforgettable and sustainable experience

Take the lead

Take care of the waters you travel across and inspire others to follow

Our services

Inspire your customers with our leading technologies

Design your solar system

Tells us your solar panel requirements regarding looks, energy yield and dimensions

Start designing

Approve your final design

We get to work for you to create a solar design tailored to the needs of you and your customers

Get your solar delivered

We deliver your unique panel -plug and play- ready to be installed and monitored

The Wattlab product

Providing more, lighter and good-looking energy

Leading efficiency

25% efficiency, trusted by solar racing teams

Ultra low-weight

Minimal impact on weight distribution, perfect for low load-bearing structures


Tailormade dimensions for aesthetic and optimal integration

Custom look & feel

Outstanding or hidden look and feel. Would you say this is a solar panel?


Resilient to the elements at sea

Durable and resilient

Resistant to corrosion and resilient for weather, salt water and dirt for over 20 years

Consistent performance

In partly-shaded conditions, diffuse light and temperature fluctuations

Eco friendly

Minimal material use and RoHS compliant components from landfill-free facilities

Light, thin and flexible

1 kg/m2, less than a 1 mm thick and bendable up to a radius of 300 mm.

Highly efficient

Reaching 25% cell efficiency and a nominal power of 230 Wp/m2.

Dutch quality

Dutch production and quality controls ensure the highest quality

About Wattlab

Race-winning solar panels

Wattlab is a Dutch design agency and creator of custom solar solutions. Our roots lie in the Vattenfall Solar Team of the Delft University of Technology. Together with their team, Wattlab’s founders designed and manufactured the solar system for the race-winning solar car Nuna 8S, followed by the solar modules for race-winning solar car Stella Vie (Solar Team Eindhoven). Building on our solar-race expertise, we continue to open the doors to other solar power applications.

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